Radegast Club of the Year

Submission deadline: April 17, 2023

Enter your homebrew club to win $1,000 ($500 to the club and $500 donated to a charity of the clubs’ choice)!

A great homebrew club does many things in addition to brewing. These clubs also focus on experimenting, learning, education and volunteer work. Exceptional clubs work hard to make an impact on their community.

The Radegast Club of the Year Award, named for the Slavic god of hospitality and the creator of beer, is an achievement not obtained through competition, but an award won for doing great things. The award is issued once a year and announced at Homebrew Con.

Award Criteria

To win this award, AHA-registered clubs have to show what activities set them apart as an awesome group in their community.

Clubs are judged on the following criteria:

  • Diversity: What efforts does your club make to include people of different backgrounds, genders and ethnicities?
  • Philanthropy: What charitable efforts does your club make within its community? What sort of accomplishments are made through charity and philanthropy?
  • Homebrewing Promotion: How does your club promote the hobby of homebrewing? In what ways is your club spreading the joys of homebrewing?
  • Brewing & Teaching: How does your club promote the hobby of homebrewing? In what ways is your club spreading the joys of homebrewing?
  • Presentation: Provide a maximum of 2 attachments that further demonstrate why your club should be the Radegast Club of the Year. This can include anything from an informational one-sheet to a video.
  • Overall Awesomeness: Overall, tell us what makes your club so awesome! This can be a summary of your club’s proposal as to why you should be the next Radegast Club of the Year.
  • Size/Age Relativity: Just because your club is new, or small, doesn’t mean that it can’t leave a big footprint! Radegast submissions are judged with club achievements relative to the club’s size & age.

A homebrew club cannot win the award two years in a row. Please only enter one submission per homebrew club!

How to Enter

Entry form submissions for the 2022 Radegast Club of the Year Award are due by April 17, 2023. Follow the prompts in the form to submit a complete proposal for your homebrew club. If you need help with the form or have questions, please contact us.

Entries will be reviewed and voted on by an impartial panel of judges from the AHA Governing Committee. Remember, the award will be announced at the 2023 Homebrew Con!


2022 – Three Rivers Underground Brewers (TRUB) – Carnegie, PA

2021Diablo Order of Zymiracle Enthusiasts – Walnut Creek, CA

2020Society of NorthEast Ohio Brewers (SNOB) – Cleveland, OH

2019Quality Ale & Fermentation Fraternity (QUAFF) – San Diego, CA

2018Oregon Brew Crew – Portland, OR (Charity split: Glen Hay Falconer Foundation, Oregon Food Bank and New Avenue for Youth)

2017 – Heart of the Valley Homebrewers – Corvallis, OR (Charity: Heartland Humane Society)

2016The Hogtown Brewers – Gainesville, FL (Charity: Peaceful Paths)

2015Maltose Falcons – Woodland Hills, CA (Charity: Friends of the LA River)

2014Carolina BrewMasters – Charlotte, NC (Charity: A Child’s Place)