Learn to Homebrew Day is November 5, 2022

In 1999, Learn To Homebrew Day was established as the first Saturday in November by the American Homebrewers Association to promote the most rewarding and delicious activity of all time—homebrewing. Beer lovers worldwide are invited to brew, share their knowledge, and celebrate the hobby of homebrewing annually.

Now through November 7, 2022, receive a $5 discount code for one- or three-year memberships when you make the pledge to celebrate Learn to Homebrew Day!

Learn to Homebrew Day By the Numbers

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Let’s Brew This!

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2022 Official Recipe

Check out this year’s official Learn to Homebrew Day recipe, a small-batch, hoppy amber ale!

Access the Hoppy Amber Ale Recipe

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Take the Pledge & Save

Now through November 7, take the Learn to Homebrew Day pledge and receive $5 off a one- or three-year membership!

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Equipment for Any Level of Homebrewer

The new S SERIES range of easy-to-use homebrewing equipment is here and it’s perfect for the craft beer enthusiast. Find Grainfather on Facebook to discover more and don’t miss the coolest content, latest product launches and promotions, plus surprise giveaways! Learn to homebrew Day is sponsored by Grainfather.

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Learn to Make Beer

You’ll be cracking open a bottle of your own brew in no time with these step-by-step guides for making beer at home.

Watch Homebrewing Tutorials

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Get Supplies

Find everything you need to brew your next batch by visiting your local homebrew supply shop.

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Spread the Word

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How To Brew BookBrewers Publications

Learn How To Brew with John Palmer

How To Brew is the definitive guide on homebrewing written by expert, John Palmer. This book is perfect for those getting started, ready to advance, or wanting to brew better beer!


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