AHA Governing Committee

Officers and Board Designates

  • Chair Person: Shawna Cormier
  • Vice Chair: Amy Martin
  • Secretary: Elmer “Goose” Steingass
  • Brewers Association Board Designate: Roxanne Westendorf
  • Brewers Association Board Designate: Shawna Cormier

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Governing Committee (GC) is an advisory committee to the AHA Staff and Brewers Association Board of Directors.

The members of the Governing Committee are elected by the members of the AHA and charged with shaping the policy and activities on their behalf. View the AHA Governing Committee Bylaws.

The Governing Committee also appoints two members as designates to the Brewers Association Board of Directors. View the Brewers Association Bylaws.

For an AHA Member update on the 2023 Governing Committee elections go here.

Contact the AHA Executive Director.

Access the Governing Committee monthly meeting note summaries.

Current Governing Committee Members

Jen Blair

Charlotte, NC


Matt Bolling

Fredricksburg, VA

Sandy Cockerham

Indianapolis, IN

Shawna Cormier

Seattle, WA

Chris P Frey

Asheville, NC

Chris Hummert

Salem, OR

Annie Johnson

Seattle, WA

Jill Marilley

Everett, WA

Amy Martin

Frankfort, MI


Melissa McCann

Orangevale, CA

Gail Milburn

Dearborn, MI


Doug Piper

Greenville, SC

Cassie Salinas

Seattle, WA

Elmer Steingass

Wooster, OH

Roxanne Westendorf

Cincinnati, OH

Emeritus Members

  • Ray Daniels (Chicago, IL)
  • Fred Eckhardt (Portland, OR) – In memorium
  • Randy Mosher (Chicago, IL)